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Here you find any and all Shemp related artwork, stories, and whatever else the fine folks who look at this mess decide to send to me!




Howdy, Folks! We here at Wall of Shemp hope to continue to break new ground in the world of Shemp Appreciation! As you are well aware, you can find millions and millions of funny drawings, sculptures, and toys based on the 3 Stooges, Moe, Larry and Curly. But where is Shemp? Where is my Spumco Shemp Doll? Where are my Shemp toys? Where are my Shemp comic books?

In my own small way, I hope to end some of this injustice. And you, Shemp Fans, can help!


Send me your drawings, your toy designs, your comic strips of Shemp! It's time for Shemp to be recognized! Send JPEG's or GIF's, no larger than 200k, to shemphoward@wallofshemp.com.

Let's see here, we can make this drawing better...

Just add Shemp!

Sorry Curley Joe.... Yer outta here!

Ahhh, with a little added Shemp, that's much better!!


I'm a famous cartoon! EEEB-BEEE-BEEE!

WOW, Draw Shemp Fans!!

Lookie what I found in The Three Stooges Scrapbook!

There were 7 comic books featuring Shemp published starting in 1953, with the last two issues being in 3D!

Click here for a look at the covers of some of these issues!


Thanks to 3-stooges.com

Back when I started this site, my friends, this was the only drawing of Shemp I had ever seen! Now, I'm constantly amazed at what I've uncovered, Draw Shemp-wise! This little cutie is part of the background image over at 3-stooges.com.


Nice hat, Larry!

Here's a drawing of Shemp, Moe and Larry from 1929.

Thanks to Shempcompany.com

This drawing of Shemp I found over at Shempcompany.com! This one is on their e-mail link.

Ted, I can't wait until we're famous, and you're forgotten!

Artist rendition of a scene from "A Night in Venice"

with Ted Healy


Hey, Moe! Get me outta dis box!

Here's the Shemp Action Figure you can get over at FiguresToyCompany.com. This one is in Regular Clothes, but they offer Shemp in a Doctor's Outfit, a Military Outfit, and in a Pajamas Outfit.


Look everybody... I'm dancin', I'm dancin'

This looks like a caricature of Shemp by the great Al Hirschfied, but sadly, I don't know for sure.

Found this over at Shempcompany.com.

Don't know much more about it.



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