Well, I just don't know what to say...

Just knowing that in 1953, people thought enough of Shemp for him to be featured in an extremely successful run of Stooge Comic Books. It brings a tear to my eye. And look at that likeness...Awesome!

Displayed below are the covers of the 1st 5 comic books, in the history of the world to feature Shemp!

The First Issue featuring Shemp

The Second Issue featuring Shemp

The Third Issue featuring Shemp

The Fourth Issue featuring Shemp

The Fifth Issue featuring Shemp

In September 1953, comics were still a dime and readers were treated to three hilarious yarns featuring the three makers of fun.

There was also a greater number of comedy routines in these issues which featured Shemp. In addition, the Shemp comics were far superior in terms of design and story. Colors were rich and bright and the artwork was lavishly detailed. Stories were especially creative and had intelligent and carefully orchestrated gags. The previous Curly comics relied more on coherent stories and less on gags.

The front cover of the first issue had a nervous cartoonist fidgeting with his pen as the Stooges complain that they're not ordinary morons and, therefore, they shouldn't be drawn as ordinary morons. Click here for a larger look at this first issue.


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