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Keep those Shemp drawings coming. I LOVE it!


Wall of Shemp's first fan drawing contributor, Aubrey Menezes, has once again graced us with a fine drawing of Shemp. He says "Here is another entry I drew of Shemp, from a picture given to me by my late and dearest friend Edward Bernds, hope you like it." Of course I like it, Aubrey, as I'm sure the rest of you out there will.


Click the picture for a larger version!


Aubrey also made a Shemp Screensaver using this artwork. Click Here to get it!



Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. Someone finally sent me a drawing of Shemp! The lucky soul who will now forever be remembered as Draw Shemp's First Fan Contributor is Aubrey Menezes. And here is his fantastic submission!


Click the picture for a larger version!


This wonderful piece of art that Cliff and the gang over at have come up with. The artist's name is Brad Shellady. This is just awesome, and I thank the kind folks over at the Shempcompany for allowing me to display it here.


Click the picture for a larger version!


This is a great monochrome pastel rendering of Shemp by Tom Strazdas. Click the drawing for a larger version.


Check out Tom's Entertainment website for Stooge Bio's, along with lots of other stars.



OK, Draw Shemp Fans! This excellent drawing of Shemp was sent in by Emmy DePolo. She has been enjoying "Wall of Shemp" for 25, maybe 30 years now. And she finally got off the stick and decided to send something in to us! Just kidding, Emmy!


Seriously, she is an Artist from Greensburg, Pennsylvania who grew up watching and loving the Stooges.





"Wall of Shemp" fan Gina Dellago sent me a story that she wrote called "Gorilla Virus". It's a fictitious Stooge episode where Shemp, Larry and Moe meet Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. I didn't have a place ready made for Fan Fiction, so I thought I'd put it in with "Draw Shemp" for the time being.  CLICK HERE to check it out! Gina says that comments and criticisms are greatly welcome!  Please let her know what you think of her story!


Draw Shemp!Visitors to the delightful will no doubt recognize this wonderful piece of artwork displayed here for the first time at Wall of Shemp.

Cliff tells me that it was given to shempcompany by an Argentinean artist named

Diego Puglisi. Thanks so much for the heads-up, Cliff, and thanks to Diego for this great caricature of Shemp!

You can download a hi-res version of this artwork

over at It's 532k.

Just click the picture!



I see that Diego has graced the Shempcompany page with another one of his great Shemp caricatures!

This was a personal gift from Diego to shempcompany, but the kind folks there granted me the only usage approval.

Fabulous job, Diego!

Click the Picture and you will be whisked away to the Shempcompany to get a hi-res version of this wonderful drawing!

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